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--Thank you so much for sharing your life.  

You can never know how close to home your grandson's documentary came for me.  

Thank you for permitting him to record your memories, your life.



--Last night I watched the documentary about your family's incredible story - your incredible story.

My goodness, what a wonderfully rich history! "Nana," you are an absolute inspiration - to all of us - and the camera just loves you! I feel privileged to have seem your story come to life. You must be so very proud of your family. I wish you the very happiest of birthdays - and 101 more birthdays to come!




--Blessings to you, your Nana and your family for sharing the beautiful but complicated reality of family love, truth, courage, spirit, loyalty, faith, hardship, regrets, dignity and compassion.

(and) thanks to the gods of art and business for recognizing it and sharing it with the world.

And blessings to both of us for having the privilige and joy to be adored and loved unconditionally by our Grandma's, and in return, to adore and love them. My Grandma died a few weeks ago, so your film resonated with me in deep ways that I'm sure I'll understand later (or perhaps not).

In the spirit of sharing the celebration of the life and love of Grandmas,




--Just wanted to say that I LOVED your movie.  I am also Italian-American, and your nana reminded me a lot of my nana, who passed away last year at the age of 95.   We both were blessed with extraordinary grandmothers! I hope she had a wonderful birthday.  God bless her!



--Iím almost speechless, but not totally. Because if I were totally speechless I could not tell you how much I was touched by Nine Good Teeth. It touched my very soul. I just cannot explain. In Nana I see my 87 year old Grammy. A spunky, outspoken woman who's only slowed by her bad knee and even worse arthritis .. Nine Good Teeth made me face my own mortality .. it made me laugh at Nana's "nanaisms" .. it made me cry at my fear of regrets and wasted time .. it made me hopeful that I could always start anew .. which again made me cry. I am a 28 year African American woman, but I felt I was watching a chapter from my family's story. Some things are simply universal .. I appreciate you soooo much for capturing that fact so beautifully ....